Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thriving after trauma & blogging about it!

I'm really excited to have my blog re-designed and to, again, have a platform to share my thoughts on.  Thank you to those of you that knew me when I began my blog some years ago and shared my thoughts and feelings about being an adoptee and what reunion was like with my birth-family.  I may still share some of those thoughts, but as life moves along, so does my blog.  

I love to write, so thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and please bookmark my page and check back often for updates.  I hope to blog at least three times a week and some posts will be about my personal journey with PTSD, depression and anxiety and why, how and when I really jumped into recovery.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend Ontario's Homewood Health Centre's Integrated Mood and Anxiety Program and then the Post Traumatic Stress Recovery program and these both taught me how to save my own life and I'll share what this involved.

After taking a couple of years to integrate everything I've learned into my daily life, here I am. Proof that it's not only possible to survive trauma but to thrive after trauma.  I'm looking forward to having some guest bloggers, video blogs, and keeping you all up to date on the really awesome things happening in my life, one of them being working with Bit by Bit, a Charitable Organization that gives me 'Hope to Cope' (more on that soon!) and inspires me on a daily basis to do what I do.  

Check out my blog site and make sure to read my last blog post from November 14th about A Weekend in Jail.  I had this adventure with my colleague and Founder of Bit by Bit Trauma Training and it was amazing! 

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